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Penn Law Firm LLC is committed to its duty practice law with care and loyalty to clients.  Legal proceedings have many parts, and courts may only deprive someone of life, liberty, or property with due process.  As attorney[s], we argue what due process means for one's situation.  A fair outcome for any legal matter requires patient and rationale deliberation.

How to plead, whether to settle, and whether to testify is always for a client to decide, and the client's choice does not affect our duties of care and loyalty.

Remember to limit conversation with non-attorneys and adverse parties about both legal and personal issues.  For criminal charges always exercise your right to remain silent and have an attorney present during contact with law enforcement and the courts.  If anyone suggests you would be better without an attorney, they are lying.  If you are in jail, assume all communications are monitored.  Remember that many matters are tangibly related to your legal situation, such as travel history, cell phone numbers, income, associates, banking locations, and health information.  Never assume an adverse party is interested in presenting the truth or has any care for you.



There are restrictions on advertising prices for legal services.  We will discuss prices immediately after an initial conversation.


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